Saturday, February 21, 2009

Emilee and I snowshoeing with her sister Jenna and her soon to be fiance Morgan. Notice my eyes, NO GLASSES!!! I saved my pennies, nickles, dimes, and dollar bills for over 2 years and finally I had saved enough to get Lasik. Dr. Ballif from the Mount Ogden Eye Center which is part of the TLC Vision centers throughout the country did the surgery. It was a bit scary though when he cut the cornea and moved the flap over so they could perform the surgery. As soon as my flap was removed everything went completely blurry. It was an extremely bizzar feeling. So I went and had it done over the Christmas break. It has been wonderful. No bent frames, no scratched lenses; I can see when I'm at the swimming pool and can play basketball without worrying about my glasses getting broken. Maybe they're minor things, but I sure love it.
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Laura said...

Nice to see you finally updated your blog. It's about time!

I tried to get lasik. They wouldn't let me. How exciting!

And, your wife offered us lodgings when we come to Utah in 2 months. I think we'll take you up on that :)

Northwest Minuteman said...

Jeff, get busy posting on "We The People". We need to educate as many morons as possible

Andrea said...

Congratulations! Isn't Lasik one of those modern miracles? I'm sure you will be grateful all your life for the scientist that perfected that surgery.

Princess Gerty said...

Happy Birthday Emilee! I know I am a couple of weeks too late, but I "lost" your blog for a while until I sorted through my book marks. I hope you had a great Birthday! You are the best!